What It Takes To Protect Carpets

Expect the carpets to easily accumulate unwanted elements when placed in heavy foot traffic areas. It can get dirty very quickly because of dirt, food & drink spills. Also, carpeting and pets can be challenging to coexist. You’ll never keep all the dirt, mess and odour if you have pets at home.

Spots and stains easily make your carpet look bad. Removing carpet stains such as coffee, red wine, grease, or blood requires proper cleaning, and this is not an easy cleaning task. Here are some carpet care guides for stain removal.

Immediate spot removal. Do not let the stain remain on the fibre for a long time. Immediate stain removal makes the cleaning process easier. Untreated stains will lead to discolouration and leave bad looking spots. Hot liquids spills can be difficult to remove once cooled.

Clean it right. Oftentimes, as you clean the stain you tend to scrub or rub it. Scrubbing will only make carpet stain removal more difficult. Do not scrub or rub carpet stain abrasively. It may leave a fuzzy area on the carpet that could wear the carpet fibre. Instead, try to absorb as much of the spill as possible, then blot any residue with a clean cloth or paper towel. Work from the outer edge of the carpet stain towards the centre. Doing this will not spread the stain further. It also helps when you use the right carpet cleaning product for stains.

These are just simple steps to clean carpet stains. Some stains are tough to remove so it would be better to use expert carpet stain removal. You can expect good results when you let a professional carpet cleaning companies in Coalfalls do the cleaning for you.