Carpets need regular cleaning to keep them in pristine condition. However, keeping them clean and dust-free is a real concern among many homeowners. Carpets can easily attract many allergens and dust mites, especially when the area gets heavy foot traffic.

Tips For Effective Carpet Stain Removal Karana Downs
Carpet Stain Removal One Mile

Vacuum cleaning the carpets can remove the allergens, and helps increase the life of your carpets. Here we discuss some effective carpet cleaning tips to keep them clean and last long. 

Have Vacuuming Routine

Having the best vacuum cleaner is not enough to keep the carpets clean. You need to have a regular vacuuming routine to get rid of dust and dirt from the carpets, at least once a week. If you have pets at home, increase the regularity of vacuuming the carpets. Vacuuming the carpet regularly promotes a clean and healthy surface and helps create a fresh surrounding. Regular carpet cleaning reduces the chances of dust build-up on the fibres of the rug.

Do Not Rub Carpet Stains

As much as you want the carpet stain-free, spills are inevitable. If a spill happens on your carpet, scrubbing the stains will not help remove it from the carpet. It will only spread the blemish and in the process settles the stains on the surface. Also, scrubbing is not good for the carpet fibres and makes the area look outdated. It is best to blot the stains by employing a small amount of pressure and absorb the liquid that may cause a tough stain.

Use Shaving Cream to Remove Tough Stains

While you can find items for carpet stain removal Karana Downs in the supermarket, you may try a trick that many professional carpet cleaners use – a regular shaving cream. It can effectively remove stubborn stains from the carpet. Apply a rich amount of shaving cream on the stained spot. Wait for 30 minutes or an hour for the shaving cream to dry up. Then, blot it to remove the stain from the carpet. Spray some water and use a dryer vacuum cleaner to dry that.