Frequently Asked Questions At Carpet Cleaners Ipswich Qld

If you’ve got questions about Ipswich Carpet Cleaners & our process, feel free to call us as we’re more than happy to answer them. We have found there are some common questions, so we’ve done our best to answer them right here.

What Method Do You Use For Cleaning My Carpet?

The method we use for cleaning is hot water extraction, commonly referred to as steam cleaning. Our hot water extraction method removes the toughest, deepest dirt safely and gently. Hot, soft water and a specially formulated cleaning solution are injected deep within the carpet fibres. Then, a powerful suction extracts deep-down dirt, allergens, cleaning solution and 95% of the moisture. It’s the cleaning method most recommended by carpet manufacturers.

Should I Vacuum Before The Carpet Cleaning Tech Arrives?

We would recommend a light vacuum to remove any obvious dirt & grime sitting on top of your carpet pile before arrival, however this is not essential.

How Long Does It Take To Clean My Carpet?

Usually somewhere around 20 minutes per room, but this can vary depending on how soiled the carpet is & if any spot removal treatments are required.

Will You Move My Furniture?

Our carpet cleaning technicians are very accommodating & like to be helpful where they can, however their focus is to clean your carpets. We can assist in moving a few light items if required, but we won’t move heavy or bulky items. It’s best to have a friend help you with this prior to our arrival.

How Long Before My Carpet Is Dry?

There are several factors contributing towards dry time including humidity & air flow to the room. We recommend using ceiling fans & air conditioners to assist in drying your clean carpets, but it can take up to 24 hours to completely dry your carpets.

Can You Guarantee That You Will Remove All Spots & Stains?

We do our best to remove all stains, however some stains are caused by substances that will permanently discolour your carpet fibres. Our technician will attempt to identify these stains prior to cleaning your carpet however this is not always possible.

Do You Guarantee Customer Satisfaction?

We will work in with any customer who isn’t fully satisfied with their carpet clean by revisiting the premises to spot clean any specific areas of concern, or even completely re-clean the area. We’re not happy until you’re happy, & if you’re still not completely happy we will offer you a full refund for your carpet clean.

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