Moving out of a rental property can be stressful. Getting the rental bond back can also be stressful if you leave the place not in the condition when you first moved in. It is important to make smart decisions, so here we talk about tips to get your rental bond back.

End of Lease Carpet Cleaning Tivoli - Tips To Get Your Rental Bond Back
End of lease cleaning is crucial to getting your rental bond back.

Check the rental lease agreement. When you moved in you signed a rental lease agreement. Check the and compare the initial conditions of the property and see if you leave the place just like that. Use the report to make sure that the place is in good condition to avoid losing your bond. You need to set some time to do this before the day you vacate the place to ensure you leave the property in its original condition. Talk to the property manager about broken things that need repair. Try to negotiate so that you hire an expert to fix it before the inspection.

Fulfil your responsibilities as a tenant. Make sure that you do your obligation as a tenant to avoid losing your bond. It includes informing the owner your plan to leave in advance, paying your monthly dues like parking, water, electricity, administration, etc.

Hire a professional bond cleaner: Choose a professional bond cleaner is a smart decision in the event of home shifting. They do the job right to help you avoid the hassles when you leave the rental property and get your bond back. They also do end of lease carpet cleaning Tivoli to make sure your carpets are in good condition when inspected.

Return all the household items: Do not forget to return all the keys and objects provided to you at the start of the lease. Otherwise, it will cost you, and deducted from your rental bond.

Be present at the final inspection. Do not just wait for the report. You have to be there at the final property inspection so you can negotiate and try to settle things that they find not in good conditions.