Moving out can be a stressful day, and so is waiting to get your security deposit back. In most of the cases, tenants get only a partial amount or not get the bond money at all. This may happen because the tenant overlooked small things during their stay, such as cleaning.

End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning North Ipswich - Watch Out For These Minor Cleaning Mistakes

End of lease cleaning is necessary to get your bond money back. While you can do the cleaning before you leave the property, you might miss out on something. However, professional exit cleaners will not miss out on important areas to clean.

Here are some mistakes that tenants do that makes it hard for them to get their rental bond back.

Forget to clean the exhaust fans and filters

Exhaust fans and filters can get dirty quickly. These areas are hidden and you can easily forget to clean them. You should not disregard cleaning these areas because the inspection agents include these areas when they inspect for the property condition report.

Make sure to clean the fan, its mesh and filters before you leave the rental property. You can clean the oils stain and grease buildup from the blades of the fan with a mixture of ammonia, baking soda and hot water. Alternatively, you can use a cleaning solution of white vinegar and lemon.

Overlook Dishwasher And Oven cleaning

Never forget to clean the dishwasher and oven as it is included in the property inspection. Do not leave the dishwasher dirty and your oven must be free from grease and food splatters. When you hire professional exit cleaners to clean these things, they can get the job done right because they know what to do to deal with such problems. Professional cleaning yields a good cleaning result and gives you the chance to get back the entire bond money.

Leaving the Kitchen And Bathroom uncleaned

Cleaning the kitchen and bathroom is challenging because there are different surfaces and too many things to clean. However, cleaning these areas is necessary as the property manager inspects these places thoroughly and finds some flaws. When not cleaned, they have a reason to deduct a portion of the deposit bond. It is best to have professional cleaners clean these places at the end of your tenancy.

A flawless cleaning of the rental property helps get your bond money back. Remember to avoid these mistakes if you plan to clean the property yourself or better hire a professional exit cleaner and end of lease carpet cleaning North Ipswich to make sure you get all the important areas cleaned.