Being a tenant can be stressful, especially when the time comes for moving out. Most rental property owners want to see the turning of the property in the same condition it was at the start of the tenancy. Therefore, end of lease cleaning is done before moving out of the property.

End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning Ironbark - Are You Legally Obliged to Get the Carpets Cleaned?

The lessee will need to clean the property to secure the bond money after the final inspection. Many tenants hire professional exit cleaners and end of lease carpet cleaning Ironbark to reduce the stress and get the job done right.

Are you legally bound to get the carpet cleaned?

The law says that renters have to restore the property in the same condition when it was occupied. So, the lessee should have photos of the property when they moved in and compare the state of the carpets. If they are dirty and need tidying up to restore their original condition, the renter has an option to clean them personally or use a professional carpet cleaning service.

By law, there are things the rental property owners cannot require the lessee to do when it comes to carpet cleaning. A landlord or property owner cannot:

  • Demand the carpets be restored in a better condition than they were when the tenancy moved in.
  • Force you to buy carpet cleaning service
  • Force you to use a particular end of lease cleaning company
  • Make you pay a certain fee for getting the carpets cleaned

It is worth noting for tenants that if the carpets are unclean and not in the same condition when they moved in, then deductions can be made from the bond deposit. In conclusion, getting the entire bond money may depend on the overall condition of the property when you move out.