Do you have to get your carpet cleaned to get your bond deposit back? It is a question asked by many tenants. The best way to answer this question is to check your rental agreement.

End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning - How To Avoid Troubles Getting Your Bond Back
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It helps when to know what you’re responsible for. Understanding your rental agreement will allow you to see what you need to do and help you prepare a checklist when the time comes to clean. As stated in your rental agreement, knowing your responsibilities will protect you against any unnecessary extra cleaning. Be as thorough as possible, and taking photos as evidence of your handy work can be useful.

Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner

In most cases, landlords and property managers always require you have the carpets cleaned professionally before moving out. They also ask for a documented proof in the form of receipts from the cleaning company. This is why choosing to clean it yourself may not help in getting your bond back. You will want to avoid this risk, so hiring a a professional end of lease carpet cleaning service is the way to go. There are many carpet cleaning companies in Raceview, look for the right one for your cleaning needs.

Do Not Rush When Removing Furniture and Light Fixtures 

Many things are going on when moving out, but remember not to rush when removing furniture and decorations to avoid scratching the tiles or damaging the walls on your way out. Put rugs and towels on surfaces that could be damaged or scratched during the move.

When removing photo frames, paintings, or posters from the walls, take extra care. Otherwise, rushing to remove them may chip some paint and plaster from the walls.

Check light fixtures to ensure all light bulbs are replaced, and all smoke alarms have batteries. You will not want to get a call from the property manager complaining about the lack of light in a hallway. Also, sometimes food and drink can find their way onto the furniture’s upholstery. Have your professional carpet cleaner remove stain and clean upholstery to reduce any claims against your bond.