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Cheap Carpet Cleaning Ripley

Regular and efficient carpet cleaning is a must for clean and healthy living. Over time carpets accumulate a lot of dust, allergens and other harmful substances that can be a health hazard for those with strong allergies or asthma. When it comes to Cheap Carpet Cleaning Ripley, even the most powerful home vacuum will not be enough to lift away all this dirt and grime. It will even push some of it even deeper into the carpet. As this builds up the air becomes staler and the carpet begins to fade and deteriorate. To get rid of this dirt and keep your carpet looking fresh a professional clean by a cleaning company is needed at least twice a year. This number though will vary from each household. If you have a large house with children and pets, the recommended number is once every three months

This might seem excessive and to most people, professional carpet cleaning looks quite expensive. This, however, is justified in the long run as your carpet will stay well maintained and last for longer. The average good quality carpet has a lifespan of 10-15 years but without regular deep cleaning, this number goes way down. Professional carpet cleaning companies have the equipment and expertise to ensure an intense clean which could never be achieved with any do-it-yourself method.

Regular vacuum extraction can be done by anyone but to be effective it must be done every day. Professional cleaners use a steam cleaning process in which the carpet is treated with a pressurised alkaline agent at high temperatures which loosen the dirt and allow for easier vacuuming. The carpet surface is rinsed thoroughly before powerful vacuum suction is used. The fiber quality is kept well maintained with the use of Acetic acid solution which neutralises the alkaline residues.

Another thing professional cleaners have access to is specialised cleaning solution that is not available for home use. As concern about the use of chemicals grow, cleaning companies employ super-hot steam with mild amounts of detergents that yield much better and safer results. A lot of newer carpets come with a coating of stain resistant chemicals which require special cleaning solutions that only cleaning companies can provide.

Another obvious benefit of getting a professional clean is that the homeowners will be saved the effort of having to do the job themselves. Time is almost as precious a commodity as money these days, professional cleaners will do all the furniture shifting themselves and have the job done in a matter of hours compared to a whole day or more if you do so yourself. Specialised equipment can certainly be rented and used yourself but with a professional clean you will get experts who understand the entire ins and outs of a carpet. When it comes to keeping, your carpet feeling soft and looking great, these experts will know how to do the job for the best results.

Now you can understand the benefits of a professional clean. For cheap carpet cleaning in Ripley give us a call today and let us help you