Keeping your carpet flooring clean require regular cleaning. While this is something you want all year round, accidents happen that leaves your carpet looking bad. Cleaning carpet stains may not come easy, especially it sits on the fibre for a long time. 

Carpet Stain Removal One Mile - Easy Ways To Clean Coffee and Pet Messes

What is the best way to effectively clean a carpet stain? As soon as it got the stain, remove it immediately. Here are some of the effective ways to clean coffee and pet stains without much difficulty when you treat them right away.

Coffee stains. The best way to handle this is by blotting paper or napkins on it quickly. Cloth can also be used to absorb spilled coffee. Extract the remaining stains until it clears. You may also use cleaning products you can get from the supermarkets. 

Pet messes. Expect stains on the carpet when you have pets at home. Spray water on the spot and gently clean it with a cloth until it looks clean. Use a vacuum to dry the affected area and use a deodoriser to rid of the smell. You can get pet stains and odour removal product from a professional carpet cleaner.

You can also use some household basic products as natural carpet stain remover. You can use mixture of vinegar, water and detergent to clean carpet stains. Then rinse the problem area again and again till stain is removed completely. Then again, when all this seem to not work, you may call the experts in carpet cleaning to clean those tough carpet stains. When carpet stain cleaning gets tough, call a professional in carpet stain removal One Mile.