A typical misunderstanding about professional carpet cleaning service is it is expensive, inconvenient, and one can clean a carpet oneself with DIY products. Understanding the difference between the two will correct the misconception.

DIY Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Stain Removal Leichhardt - Understanding the Difference of Expert Carpet Cleaning and DIY
Professional carpet cleaning vs DIY

Typical DIY cleaning includes the use of vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaning products available on stores. While regular vacuuming is helpful in carpet maintenance, this alone is not enough to keep the carpet in pristine condition. 

Carpet stain is inevitable to prevent, and the use of chemical-based stain removal products you can get from hardware stores need careful application. It should be used according to the instruction as a wrong treatment may cause permanent damage to the carpet that even any professional carpet cleaner cannot fix. The bad application of these DIY carpet cleaning products may result in more spending on repaired or replacement.

As an alternative solution, you may consider buying or leasing cleaning equipment. However, before making the purchase, it is best to consult with your carpet installer about the suitable cleaning method for your carpet.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Reliable professional carpet cleaners are trained to deliver effective cleaning system. They also have access to effective cleaning products that have safe cleaning result. Their experience and expertise in handling different types of carpet and challenging conditions make a big difference.

Worry about the carpet cleaning cost? Often, the rate is based on the total cleanable carpet area and the existing carpet condition. It means the dirtier it is, the longer cleaning process will take to clean the carpet. The cost depends on the man-hour and more cleaning products needed to clean the carpet. Many carpet cleaning companies offer competitive rates these days.  

Cleaning a dirtier carpet can be a tough task, especially when stains have deeply penetrated the carpet fibres. Experts in carpet stain removal Leichhardt can help restore the carpet back to its good condition.