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​Carpet Stain Removal Ironbark: Tips To Remove Ink Stain On Carpet

carpet stain removal ironbark

Nasty carpet stains can be difficult to remove. However there different ways or procedures to get rid of nasty stains. Ink is one of the tough stains on the carpet. Inks stains can come from pens, printers, and some are from certain mechanical oils. Here’s what to do when you need to remove ink stain on your carpet:

BLOTTING. Use a piece of cloth as an initial step to treat an ink stain. Do not scrub or rub the cloth against the stain to avoid the spread of the ink. Doing so will just make cleaning more difficult for you.

HOME-MADE SOLUTION. Dampen a white cloth with Isopropyl alcohol and gently pat the ink stain starting on the outermost area and going inwards. Use a high percentage of Isopropyl solution to get a better result.  Other alcohol-based agents that work: nail polish, hairsprays, vinegar, and white wine. Then rinse it with water and use a vacuum cleaner to remove the remaining moisture.

COMMERCIAL SOLUTION. Buy a chemical-based solution for carpet cleaning, read how to use it properly for carpet stain removal Ironbark, and apply as directed on the stained area.

As a reminder, do not pour alcohol directly to the stained area. Because ink can blend and stain may spread. Keep in mind that stains are better cleaned off as soon as they happen for better results.

The carpet stain removal ideas provided above are common solutions but the result may depend on the severity of the stain. If doubtful, call for professional assistance.