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carpet stain removal bundambaPlants and animals are the usual culprits in getting your carpet stained. Plant-based stains come from wine or coffee, while animal-based stains would be something like blood, grease, urine and other similar things. Stains can be easily removed if cleaned right away, but the longer it stays, a stain can set in and may become a difficult problem that needs a different carpet cleaning method to treat it.

Home-based carpet stain removal

There are home-based solutions you can use to remove carpet stains and they work really well for removing carpet stains. Here are some tips….

To remove animal based stains, use one teaspoon of clear dish soap, washing detergent and mix one cup of very warm water to create a solution. Use clear liquid soap so that the dyes in coloured detergents will not cause further staining. Fill the spray bottle with the solution and thoroughly spray the stained area. Then use a metal spoon to gently loosen the spot. Remember not to use bristle brushes for this task as it will only cause the stain to go deeper in the fibres of the carpet.

Allow the stain to absorb the solution for at least five minutes and then blot as much as possible before cleaning, repeat this process until you see the stain go away.

To remove plant-based stains, you do the same procedure but use white vinegar instead of dish soap. Use half and half solution of white vinegar and hot water. Vinegar is an effective tanning stain remover because the acid breaks the stain down. This works best along with a vigorous cleaning.

Carpet stain removal Bundamba can be a laborious task, but can usually be done successfully. You may opt for professional carpet cleaning when removing carpet stains gets tough.