Accidents happen, and carpets get stained at some point in time. When you leave stains untreated, it puts an ugly spot on your carpet. Carpet stains from wine, beer and food can be tough to remove. Also, those mystery stains appear on your carpet that won’t go despite several attempts to remove them.

Carpet Stain Removal Blacksoil - Try These Carpet Cleaning Techniques Professionals Use
Carpet Stain Removal Blacksoil

What can you do? When carpet cleaning gets tough, try some of these cleaning techniques professional carpet cleaners use to help you remove even those mystery carpet stains

Don’t scrub. Scrubbing the stain will only worsen the cleaning difficulty. It only serves to spread the stain further into the carpet fibres. Instead, blot stain to soak them up. Use a small amount of carpet stain remover and a clean cloth, paper towel or sponge. Simply apply enough pressure to the spot to absorb most of the staining material up.

Use dish detergent for grease stains. In a spray bottle, mix one cup of water and a few drops of dish detergent. Spray on the grease spot then soak them up. Repeat this process until the grease has been removed from the carpet.

Try shaving gel or cream. According to the pros, the shaving gel or cream can be used as an all-purpose stain remover. It can clear most stain regardless of what caused it. Apply gel or cream in the spot, and leave it for 30 minutes. Then, blot it up with a dry white cloth. Use 1:1 vinegar and water solution to clean up the area and use a clean cloth to dry it up.

Use ice to remove chewing gum from the carpet. Gum on carpet can be tough to clean. Cleaning can be messy if you do not know the right way to get it out of the floor covering. Get some ice cubes, then apply the ice to the gum for 30 seconds to harden it. Simply remove the solid gum, and lift the remaining globs with a spoon. Then trim any residual gum as high up on the fibres as possible. As much as possible, cut less so the spot would be less noticeable in the long run. 

Still, if carpet stain won’t come out, call an expert in carpet stain removal Blacksoil. It is best to have a professional carpet cleaner do the job for you to avoid damage on the carpet.