Carpet cleaning is necessary to keep your floor coverings looking good. However, accidents may cause carpet stains and cleaning them may not come easy, especially when you let it stay for a long time. Cleaning the stain immediately can remove it effectively. Here are common carpet stains you can clean without much difficulty when you act fast.

Carpet Stain Removal Amberley - Easy Ways To Clean Common Carpet Stains
Carpet stain removal Amberley

Remove coffee stains from carpet

Coffee stains make your carpet look bad. A good approach to clean a coffee stain is to quickly soak up as much coffee as you can by blotting paper or napkins. You may also use a cloth to absorb spilled coffee.

Then remove the remaining stains. You may use cleaning products you can get from the supermarkets.

You can make natural DIY carpet stain remover with some basic products available in households. A mixture of vinegar, water and detergent can clean carpet stains. Rinse the affected area again and again till it is clean completely. However, call carpet stain removal Amberley if the stain is tough for you to handle.

Remove ink stains from carpet

Solubilize the ink by using distilled or cleaning alcohol to clean the stain. Wet the cloth with alcohol and gently pat it on the stain. Do not rub the cloth to the carpet as it will only make spread the ink and make it harder to remove. Continue dabbing the cloth with alcohol until the stain disappears. Then dry the affected area using a vacuum cleaner. You may also use a nail polish remover to clean ink stain.

Remove pet stains from carpet

Having indoor pets means your carpet is not safe from pet stains and odour. Remove the mess and spray water on the spot. Gently clean it with a cloth until it looks clean. Use a vacuum to dry the affected area and use a deodoriser to rid of the smell. Professional carpet cleaner offers pet stain and odour removal you can use.

Carpets need regular cleaning to keep them in good condition all the time. When accidents happen and leave stains on your carpet, you may try these steps to clean common carpet stains. Don’t hesitate to call a professional cleaner when removing carpet stains get tough.