Carpet Cleaning Companies in Silkstone - Avoid These Mistakes In Carpet Cleaning

Many make mistakes when it comes to carpet cleaning. It is natural to want to remove carpet stains right away but the wrong way only results in spreading the stain and spending more time cleaning. Here are some of the common carpet cleaning mistakes.

Spraying cleaning product straight on the carpet surface. You want something cleaned right away so you spray it with a product and then wipe away the solution. This may work on some surfaces, but that is not always the case. It is not always the safest or most effective cleaning procedure. 

Remember when cleaning a delicate surface always spray the cleaning product onto a microfibre cloth. Then wipe the surface that you want to clean, then use a dry cloth to blot any excess liquid. This way you apply less product, still get the job done and keep the surface safe.

Using a sponge that has not been cleaned. It is easy to forget that sponges need a good cleaning too. Otherwise, they become a breeding ground for bacteria, turn stinky, and then spread that stench and germs onto whatever you clean with it. It is easy to clean your sponge. Do this at least once a week and change your sponge as soon as it discolours or become grotty after cleaning.

Cleaning too quickly. Of course, we all want to get it done fast so we tend to rush the cleaning. However, this will only create more work in the long run, and this eventually leads to more cleaning time spent. Also, when we hurry it done we miss spots, do things mistakenly, and probably just move dirt around. This will take your time. If you find yourself short on time, you may want to consider hiring one of the carpet cleaning companies in Silkstone to do the job for you.