You want to hire honest and hardworking people, but there will always be a few bad apples. Fraudulent service providers cut corners, don’t deliver what was promised, or flat out scam customers out of their hard-earned money.

Carpet Cleaning Companies In Barellan Point - Common Carpet Cleaning Scams

In the cleaning industry, there are many instances of household cleaning scams. While carpet cleaning companies in Barellan Point review websites have helped a lot by making it much harder for bad operators to stay in business, it is still possible for some to take advantage of customers before they burn their reputation to the ground.

You do not want to fall prey to loads of scams around, so are some of the most common ones to make you aware of their activity and avoid becoming the next victim.

Bait and switch

It is the most common scam in the cleaning industry, particularly the carpet cleaning industry. These people will post an advertisement that seems like a great deal. When they have your details and make the appointment, they will come to you. That’s how they work to get you. Once they are in your home, they change the deal, say the carpet is too messy, or the rooms are too big.

To avoid getting into this situation, ask many questions up front and get the deal in writing if you can. Remember, you can back out of the agreement if it changes at the last minute.

Wet carpet scam

Here’s how it works. A stubborn stain can be tough to clean, which most companies won’t even bother to try. Wet carpets will hide stains as they look a more consistent colour when wet. Deceptive cleaners will tell you that stains will disappear after the carpet dries. Or that the chemicals they use will take a while to see the result and may take an hour or two before the stain fades.

It is best to see the result and what the carpet looks like when dry before you pay the invoice. That way, you can have them fix the issue, if any.