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The replacement of carpet in your home or office is usually a significant investment, which is why it’s in your best interests to maintain the longevity of the carpet that you have.

It’s quite easy to maintain your carpet, here are a few tips for you:

Regular vacuuming is the most obvious way to care for your carpet. Not only will vacuuming help maintain the carpet, it’s also much healthier for your family to regularly vacuum. Why is that you may ask…….

Carpeted rooms can improve indoor air quality as they trap & hold dust particles that settle on the carpet surface. There is less airborne contaminants in a carpeted room compared to a hard floor room as the dust & allergens are held in the carpet pile. So it’s important regularly remove these contaminants on a regular basis so that your carpet can continue to collect more dust & allergens from the air.

You should also perform spot cleaning when required & remove any spillages before they penetrate the carpet pile.

A professional deep clean of your carpets is recommended by most carpet manufacturers every 12-18 months to help retain the original appearance of the carpet & to ensure your carpet is helping maintain the indoor air quality for you & your family.

If you’re unsure about how to care for your carpet or need advice on difficult stains, you can contact us right here at Ipswich Carpet Cleaners.

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