What do you expect to happen to carpets placed in heavy foot traffic every day? It can get dirty very quickly because of dirt, food & drink spills. Also, messes and odours left behind by pets. 

Carpet Care Guides For Carpet Stain Removal Mount Crosby

Stains easily make your carpet look unwelcoming. Removing carpet stains such as coffee, red wine, grease, or blood requires proper cleaning, and this is not an easy cleaning task. Here are some carpet care guides for carpet stain removal Mount Crosby

Clean it right away

Do not let the stain sit on the fibre, so clean it quickly. Doing so will make it easy to clean carpet stains. Untreated stains will lead to discolouration and leave bad looking spots. Hot liquids spills can be difficult to remove once cooled.

Proper carpet stain cleaning

Often, as you dash to clean the stain you tend to scrub or rub it. However, doing this will only make carpet stain removal more difficult. Do not scrub or rub carpet stain abrasively. It may leave a fuzzy area on the carpet that could wear the carpet fibre. Instead, scoop up as much of the spill as possible, then blot any residue with a clean cloth or paper towel.

Get better results when you work from the outer edge of the carpet stain towards the centre. Doing this will not spread the stain further.

Clean it with warm water

In many carpet stains caused by household food and beverage can be cleaned with warm water. Apply warm water to the carpet stain immediately. Use a clean cloth to dampen it with the warm water and blot it onto the carpet, working from the outside in, until the stain disappears.

These easy easy carpet cleaning tips work on most carpet stains. However, when carpet cleaning gets tough, call for professional carpet stain removal.