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Carpet Cleaning Ipswich Qld

Carpet Cleaning Ipswich

Best deals on Carpet Cleaners in Ipswich Qld

​When it comes to finding the most professional Home & Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service in Ipswich Queensland, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

We offer all Carpet, Rug, Lounge & Upholstery Cleaning in Ipswich, Greater Springfield & surrounding areas. Our carpet cleaners are some of Ipswich’s most experienced & knowledgeable technicians, who pride themselves on providing exceptional quality & attention to detail each & every day.

Why Choose Our Ipswich Carpet Cleaners

​You probably think that most carpet cleaning services are the same, but our team likes to go the extra mile to make sure you receive the very best service possible.

Our reputation as a quality carpet cleaning business is very important to us. We’ve worked extremely hard to build our reputation over the years & we intend to impress you with our service.

All our technicians are personally trained in the field by our more senior tech’s with many years experience in the carpet cleaning field. Our processes are systemised so that all technicians perform their role in the same way, providing a punctual friendly service with great attention to detail.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

​We have continued to grow our business mainly through personal referrals from existing customers, & we strive to make sure every customer is a happy customer. That’s why if you’re not completely satisfied with your Carpet Clean, we will come back absolutely free of charge to remedy any issues. If you’re still not satisfied, we will offer you a 100% refund.

Satisfaction Guarantee Ipswich Carpet Cleaners Qld

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Home Carpet Cleaning

We all know Carpet Cleaning your home isn’t anything you really get excited about, but just think about the healthy environment you’re maintaining for your family. Having your carpets professionally cleaned each year significantly improves the life of the carpets in your home. Don’t forget that wonderful soft feeling & smell of freshly cleaned carpets!

Carpet Cleaning Service Ipswich Queensland

Commercial & Office Carpet Cleaning

​That’s right, our team can handle your Office & Commercial Carpet Cleaning jobs in Ipswich too. Keep your premises looking clean & professional to create a healthy, happy workplace for staff & make a good impression on your visitors.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Ipswich Queensland Qld

Bond or End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning

Everyone gets a little nervous about getting their full bond back when moving out of a rental property. But don’t worry, one call to our consultants & we will have one of our professional carpet cleaners visit the home & take care of any stains, odours & carpet cleaning prior to you handing your keys back to the property manager.

​We will gladly provide all relevant receipts & paperwork to you as well. Many of Ipswich’s & Springfield’s property managers actually prefer our service due to the attention to detail of our staff.

End Of Lease Bond Cleaning Ipswich Qld

Lounge & Upholstery Cleaning

Regular vacuuming of your lounges is great, but eventually your fabric furniture will become stained with grease transference from cooking & food, oils from your skin & other pollutants in the atmosphere.

​But don’t worry, our team specialises in Lounge & Upholstery Cleaning and can bring your dirty or stained fabric lounges & chairs back to life, making them look as good as new again! We will clean, remove spot stains, deodorise & dry your lounge in no time at all.

Lounge & Upholstery Cleaning Ipswich Qld

Pet Stain & Odour Removal

Do you have a friend of the four legged variety who leaves their “scent” throughout the home, or maybe has the occasional accident inside the house? When this happens, don’t panic!!

​And don’t use any of your cleaning chemicals on the affected area. Just get hold of some paper towel & gently dab the area to soak up as much as you can, then give our Ipswich Carpet Cleaning team a call on the bat-phone. (Ok ok, we know you don’t have a bat-phone, & we don’t exactly have a bat-cave, but you get the idea right?)

Pet Stain & Odour Removal Ipswich Qld

Rug Cleaning

​What can we say? If you’ve got a rug & you need it cleaned, we can do it. Whether you have a Persian, Oriental or Regular Rug for Cleaning in Ipswich, just call our team & we will get it sorted for you.


Fabric Protection

We offer Fabric Protection to help protect fabrics & keep them clean for longer. Fabric protection will create a repellent barrier encompassing each fibre so that it can keep grime, liquids & dust from penetrating the fabric of your furniture. This layer of protection delays absorption of these foreign matters so that you have time to clean up any spills before they damage your fabrics. You can speak to one of our consultants about our Fabric Protection options today.

Carpet Stain Removal Ipswich Springfield Queensland Qld

Our Service Area

Well you guessed it, our main Carpet Cleaning Service area is the Ipswich area, as that’s where we started, we also service the Greater Springfield area & most other suburbs in the South-Western corridor of Brisbane at no extra charge.

The service area’s covered include (but are not limited to) the suburbs below:
Forest LakeJindaleeSpringfield LakesRedbank Rosewood

If you’re suburb isn’t listed, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Just call & speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives for your booking.

Still Reading?

​Wow, I can’t believe you’ve made it all the way to the bottom of the page & you’re still awake! What are you waiting for? If you’re still here, you’re either killing time or you need our Carpet Cleaning services. If it’s the former, go stretch your legs. If it’s the latter, pick up your phone & call us on 07 3667 8018